Hello all. Welcome to PoetryByAtalie! Today is the first day launching the site. Although associated with my Etsy Shop (which is also PoetryByAtalie), this site will have more shop ability, more announcements, and ways for me to connect with my customers. On todays first day, there are three things I want to discuss in a manner of the pithiest way possible. Number one, what is PoetryByAtalie all about? Well, it is a print on demand business that takes my ideas and designs and puts them onto everyday products. You can use these products for yourself, your house, or purely for gift giving. Ranging from coffee mugs, to sweatshirts, to framed prints and candles! I am always designing and creating, so new ideas are bound to pop up on PoetryByAtalie at any time! Number two, to celebrate this small website launch, I've decided to give you the opportunity at 20% off of everything for the whole month of July! Yes, I said it! 20% off. Any birthdays coming up? Summer events to buy for? I would be honored if you purchased from my personal shop. Also, a new option is going up soon for you (yes YOU) to have the opportunity to customize your own products. It may be that you would like a customized poem for your loved one. Or maybe you want your family photo printed onto a mug. I can help you make it happen in the very near future! Thirdly, on July 30th, my products will be officially showcased at the Taylor Town Trade Center, in Taylor Michigan. Not only will they be featured, but the prices are significantly lowered when you shop the showcase in person. AND, I will also be doing a 50% off site wide on the day that the showcase is opened, in case you need extra products, or plan on more of a bulk order. Lots of exciting things coming up! I would love to share my work with you, and see how you use my products. If you want to find out more about PoetryByAtalie, you can click on the "About" button. Or even connect with me via Instagram, or by phone number (preferably text.) Or simply just leave me a message through my contact page. And last but not least, thank you for being here! Happy Browsing! And as always, let me know anything else you'd like to see! :)--